We`ve been thinking a lot about naming this section and decided to call it "Assets".

A bit about what assets are 😂.

This is the employee who doesn`t have an email or phone but has a schedule for booking via widget and calendar.

If the Employee is a person (master, doctor, consultant), then:

An Asset is an inanimate part of your business, which can be assigned a schedule (for example, a game room, a bathhouse, a conference hall, banquet halls, a box at a car wash, service station, etc.). Assets are hidden from the team section on the site and in the widget.

And together with the new automatic distribution feature, the service has become indispensable for many users!

Cool, isn`t it? 😜

In order to add assets to the system you need to:

1. Log into your EasyWeek account.

2. Click on your profile icon and then Staff&Assets.

3. Click Add new asset.

4. Adding a new asset, enter - its name and location, you can also add brief information about your new asset:

5. Click Create and the new asset is added to the system. You can find it after the list of employees:

6. Now let`s add a photo to the new asset, set up its schedule, connect it to the services and locations. In order to do this, click on Edit in the upper right corner:

You can find tips on setting up the schedule and adding an asset photo here:

  1. How to add asset photo;

  2. How to set up asset schedule.

This is how the new asset will look like:

And you are Done!

Now your customers will be able to book not only a service but also a parlor, a game room, a bathhouse, a conference room, a banquet hall, a box at a car wash, a service station, or anything else :)

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