There are a few options:

Option 1:

We can configure it using our domain, then the address of your page will look this way: Instead of acme, there will be your company's URL.

Option 2:

Connection to your domain (for example:, or a subdomain (for example:

Connection request

Step 1:

You have to make a domain connection request to the support team and describe the desired result.

Step 2:

We will connect your domain to the system and inform you about the status. The connection usually takes up to a few days.

Step 3:

If you chose the 2nd option, i.e. you want to connect your domain, you need to set up the domain with your registrar. After we connect your domain to the website, you will receive an IP address that you need to put in the A field at your registrar. We also recommend adding an SSL certificate. The description on how to do it is below.

SSL Certificate and Cloudflare

To get a free SSL certificate, we recommend using the free service from Cloudflare.

  • Go to

  • Sign up and follow the prompts to connect your domain to Cloudflare.

  • After successfully connecting your domain, you have to configure it.

  • Following the steps from the screenshot above, you have to go to the DNS section, then click on a type A (usually it will be www (as on the screenshot) and your domain, in the IPv4 address field, enter the IP address that our manager gave you, click on the cloud in the Proxy status field (it should turn yellow) and click Save.

  • Then, you have to make sure that the Flexible mode is set in the SSL / TLS -> Overview section. If not, please set it as on the screenshot above.

  • Also in the SSL / TLS -> Edge Certificate section, the Always Use HTTPS mode has to be enabled. It activates https for your domain.

  • When you complete it, your domain will be protected by the certificate. You can check it by going to your domain and typing https: // in front of it.

If you have any questions, please contact our support team, we`ll be glad to help you!

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