The whole EasyWeek team has worked hard to impress you with the new service features. And we did it! Just a few days ago the new EasyWeek version was released🐣. Impossible became possible!

Let`s look at the brand-new features:

📆New calendar

This is the next step towards the updated booking system. The new EasyWeek calendar became easy to filter and view. Now it is super user-friendly! New features include the function of updating the calendar in real-time, changing the scale, a small calendar for navigation, as well as convenient filtering.

Let us give you a bit more details on the real-time update feature. This is a must-have if you have more than one administrator. Now administrators will be able to see all changes instantly on the calendar page without reloading.

The calendar in the mobile application has also been significantly improved! The next step of the updates is a drag&drop function to change the appointment time and the renewed interface for managing online appointments and of course group appointments🔥.

💡 Long-awaited assets section

We`ve been thinking a lot about naming this section and decided to call it - 'Assets'.

A bit about what assets are 😂.

This is the type of employee who doesn`t have an email or phone but has a schedule for booking via widget and calendar.

If the Employee is a person (master, doctor, consultant), then:

An Asset is an inanimate part of your business, which can be assigned a schedule (for example, a game room, a bathhouse, a conference hall, banquet halls, a box at a car wash, service station, etc.). These assets are hidden from the command section on the site and in the widget.

And together with the new automatic distribution feature, the service has become indispensable for many users!

Cool, isn`t it? 😜

Contact our support team, we`ll be glad to help you with setting it up.

📋 Custom attributes for the form

Omg! What again?! - you may think :)

Using custom attributes, you can completely change the application form in the widget, as well as create a client base with any data and fields! 💥

It`s easy! For example, you need, the 'Blood group' field. Just create an attribute and add it to the widget. Voila - you are done!

The video illustrates how it works:

📥 Customer import

By popular demand, we`ve added the ability to add customers to the database. Each addition can be tagged with a special tag so that later, it will be more convenient to work with the list.

💸 Updated salary module

A few brand-new features have been added to the salary module. Now it`s possible to set:

  • The minimum amount for the exit, after which the deductions of commission begin

  • Commission for administrators

🏄‍♂️ Automatic distribution

The killer feature of the new version. Now you can configure the service in such a way that clients will skip the step of selecting an employee and the calendar will display the total available time of all masters.

For example, you have 3 employees, but it doesn't matter for your business who exactly will be booked for. Then this function will work well for you!

Together with the 'Assets' feature, you can rent rooms, boxes, offices, couches, sunbeds, etc.

🆘 Access for the support team

EasyWeek has always prioritized and will always prioritize the safety of our customers' business.

Previously, our support team couldn`t enter the customer`s account, which sometimes made it difficult to help with setup.

There is still no access, but if a customer needs help, it is possible to give access to the account for a limited time. It`s voluntarily and safely. Then after receiving help, just turn off the access back (or it will be turned off automatically in 7 days).

Minor improvements and changes

💅 Updated design of TOP services in the widget

Thanks to the new design, the most popular services are now even more visible. Be sure your clients will notice the TOP services you provide!

👀 Feature of hiding the service only in the widget

This feature is for those who need a service that can only be booked offline or via phone. It is located in the service settings.

Onwards and upwards, stay tuned with Easyweek🐙

For those who have already tried EasyWeek but still in doubt. Now is the high time to try it fully! Contact us, we`ll be glad to show you the demo and our progress.

Hurry up before the price increases this summer! 💪

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