Spring is already here! EasyWeek team is ready to welcome it with a system upgrade, as well as with many new functions. It's time to get out of winter hibernation and get down to work. EasyWeek will be happy to help you 🚀

What's new in February?

February turned out to be a fruitful month. Finally, a new stylish design came out of the beta stage. The interface is now even more intuitive and easy to use. We`ve redesigned mobile applications for iPhone and Android, and a convenient mobile menu has been developed. Plus, of course, the dark theme 🌙

New mobile version and application

Doing business from your phone has become even easier! The mobile version now works faster, and the application just flies. The system has become super stylish and comfortable to use. Current updates improved the interface and performance of the system. Looks mesmerizing, just check it!

Video logo

Just a picture is not enough! In February, we`ve added the ability to install a video logo. Cool, isn`t it? Your clients will get a wow effect when visiting your page🎥.

It's very easy to try: shoot a video clip of yourself or a workplace with an invitation and upload it to the system. The video shouldn't be too big, as your clients will open it from their mobile phones. We have limited the video to 20 MB. Download it and you`ll win the battle for a loyal client!

Widget patterns and wallpapers

In addition to the palette with all the possible shades, icons, and colors, now it is possible to add wallpapers and hide the bottom menu. Customize the widget for your brand and make it look special 🖌️.

The widget looks good both from the phone and the computer, and the setup takes a few seconds!

Redesigned interface

EasyWeek team completely redesigned the interface. Even before, it was considered as one of the most stylish on the market, but there is no limit to perfection. The main emphasis was made on a user-friendly minimalistic design and fast navigation.

It's time to make your week really easy and stylish with EasyWeek! Plus the renewed system will allow our users to move on to the development of new improved scheduling and calendar, as well as group entries.

Online booking advertising with QR codes

These are stickers with all the information for the client and a QR code for online booking. You can generate these promotional materials with a few clicks and print them. Put them all around on your locations and get additional bookings from your customers.

Mirror stickers, front desk QR codes, and shop window stickers are available. All you have to do is to choose the appropriate type and the service itself will generate all the necessary information; the system will download the brand new QR stickers to your computer. Then you need to print them on your printer or in a printing house, place them in the salon, and enjoy. 🥂

💬 Free Push Notifications

We are launching 4 types of Push Notifications. You can activate the notifications you need by selecting from the list:

  • Notification about the new entry

  • Notification about the entry cancellation

  • Notification of tomorrow's appointments

  • Low SMS Balance notifications

All notifications for the mobile app are already included and they are completely free!

To activate notifications on your computer, go to the Integrations section and click connect: https://my.easyweek.io/integration/push

💎 Personal domain

One of the coolest new options of February! Now you can connect a personal domain to your page, as well as connect Google Analytics, Yandex Metrika, and Facebook Pixel to it.

No more creating websites and spending money, a personal page from EasyWeek will become your reliable platform in the fight for a loyal customer. You can easily set up ads through Google Ads, Facebook Ads, Yandex Direct, or any other. Connect all you need and EasyWeek will think about the rest.

🔍 Lightning-fast search in the client base

Search in the client base now works much faster! You can enter any information about the client and with an accuracy of 100%, you will be given a quick and complete result. The EasyWeek team is constantly working on improving the search engine and at the moment it`s one of the fastest and most convenient search engines on the market.

🌐 Brand new integrations

Yandex Map, 2GIS, TikTok, and WordPress were added to the existing list of integrations! Now you can easily add a link for online booking and find out exactly which source brings the best income!

Contact our support team, we will help you with setting up and show how to use the system in the best way! 💪

Be trendy, stay with EasyWeek! 🔥

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