EasyWeek developers keep working even during the holidays 🎄.

So, in January we`ve launched a number of updates that will take the work with online appointment services to a new level.

What`s new? 🚀

There are quite a few updates! Updated system design, mobile app, super beautiful widget, even before the update the online booking widget was considered as one of the best on the market, after the update - it became magically beautiful 🧞.

There is also an integration with Telegram via Integromat service, now you can receive notifications about new entries directly to the group in Telegram.

And so, let's elaborate, we hope you're intrigued 🤗

Magic of the new widget

We are on the first stage of the global transformation of the widget! This in the future will allow you to sell directly through the widget, make online payments and prepayments, which will significantly increase business profits. These are upcoming plans, and already now the widget is much more stylish and easy to use. In addition, in the widget, you can hide the duration of the entry, add individual fields and messages, group entries by city, customize the widget by yourself.

The mobile version has also been updated, which has greatly improved performance. When working with appointments, you can now (for example) set only the start time for the appointment, so the client doesn't suddenly come at the end of the appointment. The new features also include the ability to hide an employee's title on the personal page and in the widget.

Integration with Integromat

Integromat is one of the most convenient automation services, and one of the features is the ability to integrate with Telegram. You can connect EasyWeek with Telegram and receive notifications of entries directly to the messenger. It is very convenient!

Moreover, the service is absolutely free. Detailed instructions on how to connect EasyWeek and Telegram using Integromat can be found here. If you encounter any difficulties, please contact our support team. We'll be happy to help you with setting it up!

New Booking Sources in Integrations

The EasyWeek team is committed to expanding the integration capabilities of the service. This month our developers added the ability to create a unique link that will help to track the source of the booking. You can add it to popular social networks and much more.

Now by placing a unique link in Vk, Yandex Maps, and 2GIS, your clients will be able to book a service with one click, and you can easily track which source of booking brings the best profit.

Ability to customize the widget

If before, in order to change the color of the widget you had to contact support and wait a little bit, now we`ve made this procedure much easier. Since January our customers will be able to choose the desired color and style of the widget and install it by themselves, literally in a few minutes! Absolutely all colors are available, you will definitely be able to choose a shade that suits your company.

Make an appointment directly with the master

One of the most convenient upgrades - booking directly with the master will greatly simplify business and sure please your customers. This update will entail an upgrade of the widget, which is a part of our plan for its total improvement. Clients will now be able to make an appointment directly with the master, a feature long requested and very useful for both the employee and the owner.

Everything is very simple! Now in the widget, by clicking on the location you can choose an employee and make an appointment with him or her, not just with a salon, as it was before. Added a link to the user, so the program will show the free time and a list of available services. A couple of clicks and done! The client has made an appointment with his favorite specialist.

Ability to edit the text of SMS mailings

Another pleasant and useful update is the possibility to edit the text of SMS. Now you can create the desired text of an SMS, which your clients will receive in the mailing. You type the text of the SMS, click "Save" and, in fact, the job is done. Next, the message goes through quick moderation, and it`s ready to fly to your clients.

New booking time steps

In January, we`ve added the requested booking steps. So, the steps of 2 and a half and 3 hours have been added to the already existing ones. Now you can set the time frame as precisely as possible, which will undoubtedly make your work easier and save you the trouble😊

Ability to hide the position of an employee during the booking

EasyWeek developers have added an option to hide the position of an employee during the booking. Now, you can choose whether the client will see the position of the master when booking the service.

Also, working with entries in the service itself has become much more comfortable, thanks to a number of new features, such as new time steps, so requested by customers, new sources of booking in the Integration section, the ability to hide the employee's position when booking and such a necessary feature, as booking directly to your favorite master!

What will be in the February update?

We've already started on a new appointment system. A new calendar, group appointments, and much more. We want to make the best calendar on the market. Stay tuned 🙏

In conclusion

The January updates started a new round of upgrades and improvements to the service. Integromat, in addition to Zapier, will allow you to connect EasyWeek to any popular web service.

We are looking forward to your feedback on the service improvements 🥰

We are working for you!

Sincerely yours, EasyWeek team❤️

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