Signing up with integromat

Go to the integromat website. The form for signing up with the service will appear immediately. Now you need to fill in the data: name, email, country, and password. You can also tick the box at the bottom, so you`ll subscribe to the service news to be the first to know about all the updates.

Then, the following window will open. Integromat welcomes you and informs that the service is:

  • free forever;

  • provides all features access;

  • does not require credit card information.

Now check the email address you entered during signing up and verify your account.

Enter the login and password you created during registration.

Now fill in a short questionnaire about your business to make the service work as effectively as possible for your company. All you have to do is to choose the options from the list.

Done! Now you can connect notifications from EasyWeek directly to Telegram. Let's take a closer look!

Connecting EasyWeek to Integromat

Go to Integromat and select Telegram.

Register with Integromat service if you don't have an account yet. This service will connect EasyWeek and Telegram.

Click "Start using EasyWeek"

1. In the window that opens, find Telegram (If you aren`t registered, register and then click the link again: "Start using EasyWeek").

2. Click on the Telegram icon below

3. Then click "Continue" at the top right.

If EasyWeek isn`t on the list, click on the "+" button (1) at the bottom of the screen and search for Easyweek (2) and click on EasyWeek when you find it on the list (3).

The result will look this way:

Then, click on the question mark in the center of the screen and see a list of available modules, select EasyWeek.

You will have 2 options:

1. This is all bookings from the system for the company (booking for all employees)

2. Bookings individually for the employee to whom you set up the integration.

Then choose option 1, because we want to receive all the entries in the telegram channel. So we click on "New Bookings".

Next, click on "Add" to connect your EasyWeek account to the system.

In the connection window, click "Continue" and then EasyWeek will open and ask you to allow Integromat access to your EasyWeek account.

After connecting, the system will return you to Integromat.

The screenshot shows:

The limit of appointments that will be processed at each synchronization. We recommend setting it to 100.

Then click "OK".

Next, we can choose from which period we want to start the synchronization. We recommend leaving the value "From now on" and then click "OK".

EasyWeek setup is complete, now we need to prepare the Telegram group and the Telegram bot to receive notifications.

Creating a Telegram Group

  • Now you need to create a Telegram Group.

1. Add the bot to the group

2. Send this command

/[email protected]

3. Copy the group number, we will need it for further setup.

Creating a bot on Telegram

Go to - this is how to create a bot in Telegram.

Then, you need to send a message with the text:


Next, specify the name of the bot, it`s important that the word _bot is at the end.

We chose the name ginger_bar_bot.

Then copy the token as shown in the screenshot above.

The new bot needs to be connected to the group so that it can send messages.

Enter the name you`ve just created and click "Add".

Connecting Telegram to Integromat (final step)

Go back to the integromat website and click on "+ Add another module" as shown in the screenshot below.

Then you can create a test entry in EasyWeek and wait 15 minutes, or start the synchronization manually by pressing the "Run once" button in Intergromat.

The result will look this way:

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