In order to create a salary scheme you need to:

1. Go to Staff commission section - Commission scheme

2. Click on "+New schema"

Then you need to fill in the data and select the desired commission deductions.

3. Creating a new schema.

3.1 Enter the name of the schema

3.2 Location

Select the location to which the schema will be applied, so you will apply it only to the employees of the selected branch.

3.3 Commission

Set up the commission. It can be a percentage or a certain amount that the employee will receive for the service.

3.4 Final cost

You can choose to use the final cost of the service, then the commission will be calculated on the actual amount received. It is convenient when discounts or additional services are in effect.

3.5 Customized service schema

By clicking on the Customized service schema, you choose to pay for individual services differently.

So, here, you can choose the service and the percentage or the amount the employee will receive.

3.6 Commission from all services provided at the location, regardless of the master

Additionally, you can set a percentage of successfully closed appointments of all employees. It's pretty convenient to use for business owners.

3.7 Hourly rate

You can also set the hourly fixed rate for an employee.

Don't forget to save the new schema. Now you can see it under "Staff commission" and of course add employees to the scheme.


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