What`s for?
Zapier.com - is a web service that connects over 2,000 different applications, including EasyWeek. With Zapier you can connect almost all existing services, for example, Google Calendar, Pipedrive, a large number of marketing programs, etc. For a complete list, visit Zapier.com.

Setting up:

1. Go to the Integrations section and find Zapier application in the list

2. Click on Connect to

3. Register for the service and go to Make a Zap

4. In the window that opens, find EasyWeek

5. Click on Sign in to EasyWeek

6. Next, log in to your EasyWeek account using your login and password

7. Click "YES, CONTINUE" to allow Zapier application to receive appointment updates.

8. Continue setting up by connecting the data received from EasyWeek

  • The idea is to connect the necessary data from EasyWeek to the fields in another service.

After setting up the connection, start Zap and the system will start synchronizing data between the 2 systems.

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