1. Log in to your EasyWeek account.
2. In the left pane, select the Integrations section.
3. Next, copy the HTML code of the widget.

On Wix

Since Wix doesn`t offer a simple customizable HTML box, we need to use tracking tools and the analytics feature. This feature is usually used to add code to track traffic to your site.

  • The function is available only for the websites with connected domain

To get started with tracking tools and analytics

1. Go to Settings in the Wix control panel.
2. Click the Analytics Codes tab in the advanced settings.
3. Press + New Tool and choose </> New Code.
4. Insert the Widget code from your profile (see above for where to find it)
5. Enter a code name, for example, "EasyWeek"
6. In the field "Where to add code?" select All pages -> Load code on each new page
7. In the field "Where to place the code?" select Body - End
8. Press Add

  • Use a custom option to embed free or unverified tracking code

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