Below we`ve prepared a checklist for the step-by-step account setup before publishing it in the catalog

1. Fill in the information about your company: links to social media, company description (the text will be published on the site), upload a logo.

How to change the company information

2. Upload your company logo.
How to upload a company logo

3. Add a questions/answers section to help your customers find answers to common questions.

How do I add a Questions/Answers section?

4. Create branches (locations/departments).

How do I create a location/department/branch?

5. Specify work hours for locations.

How do I specify "Work Hours" for a location?

6. Upload photos for the location.

How do I upload photos for a location?

7. Create a list of services and categorize them.

How do I create categories and a list of services?

8. Upload photos for categories, they will be published on the site and will help your customers to make the right choice ;)

How to upload photos for categories?

9. Add employees to the system.

How to add employees to the system?

10. Upload an avatar for you and your employees.

How do I add an avatar?

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