How much does it cost to connect an alpha name in Ukraine?

For Ukraine - it's absolutely free!

How long does it take?

It usually takes up to 14 business days. But there are delays due to COVID-19.

Data required:

1. Sender name (alpha name) - 3 to 11 characters
2. Organizer (Name of legal entity / sole proprietorship)
4. Contacts (Physical address)
5. Website or public page on EasyWeek
6. Subject (beauty salon, barbershop, etc.)

  • This data will be checked by the Ukrainian mobile operators for the veracity and legality of using the alpha name

For example:

Sender name (alpha name): Ginger Beauty Bar
Organizer (name of legal entity / sole proprietorship): Helen Meldon
TIN / USREOU: 1234567890
Contacts (Physical address): street Glavnaya 15, Kyiv, 0200
Website or public page on EasyWeek: 
Subject (beauty salon, barbershop, etc.): Beauty salon

What if I already have an alpha name with another provider?

In this case, the verification will go faster (usually up to 7 days). You will be able to use both alpha names (our and that of another SMS provider).

When can I connect an alpha name to my EasyWeek account?

At any time!

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