EasyWeek team works tirelessly to improve the site. And now we are ready to present an update, which will greatly simplify cash accounting and business in general.

So what has changed?

The main updates are the Finance module and the Salary module. Analytics has also been updated, and we added a brand new Clients section. Read more about the updates, we are looking forward for your feedback! ❤️

Salary Module

The new module has been created to simplify the work of the business owners and their employees while calculating the percentage of the salary. The process that used to be long and tedious now can be done in a few clicks, simply by filling the required fields on the site. Several options for calculating salaries are possible. We`ll explain them further.

Percentage of completed bookings

You can choose a percentage of completed bookings and then the chosen percentage will be calculated automatically after each successfully done service. To do this, all you need is to fill the appropriate field on our website while entering data.

The fixed amount for successfully completed employee`s appointments

You can set a fixed amount for completed entries. So, the employee will receive a certain fixed amount, it will be done automatically, which will greatly facilitate the life of both the employee and the business owner. Installation is so simple - a few clicks and you're done!

Hourly rate

One of the new options is the ability to install an hourly rate. So, you can set a certain amount that the specialist will receive for each hour of work automatically.

Percentage of closed bookings of an entire company or its branch

This feature will help business owners to analyze the company's revenues and losses, to determine the amount of salary for the employees, to optimize business performance, and to understand the business better.

Personal accounts for the employees

Employee accounts display the general analytics for every employee, they can be seen by both the employees and the business owner. Bonuses, fines, vacation pay, loans, and all information on the employee's financial activities are displayed here. So, a business owner can easily charge bonuses and fines or check analytics. Everything works simple and intuitive!

Finance Module

The finance module is an innovation created by the developers of the EasyWeek team! This module makes it much easier to track income sources. A huge advantage is the availability of an unlimited number of accounts, each of which you can customize.

Unlimited number of accounts

In this module, in just a few clicks, you can create a lot of accounts, in other words, sources of income. They can be, for example, cash, payment by card, or transfer. This way, the business owner can easily control the movement of funds and statistics of the company.


Another advantage of using our service is the ability to create not just an account, but something special and creative. The variety of colors available for your account will help you a lot. So, you`ll be able to create a pleasant account in a few clicks!


We've also improved our icons. Now they are multi-colored and perfectly complement the service interface.

Customizable expense / income items

This function helps to analyze business statistics, minimize expenses, and increase income by simply adjusting the appropriate items in the program.

Real-time transactions

One of the significant advantages of our service is the ability to view transactions in progress. As soon as the service is completed successfully and paid, it`s displayed in the program!

Updated analytics

Now metrics and graphs are more visual.

New support chat

The updated support chat is now clickable. If necessary, you can always click on "Help" on the screen and quickly resolve any questions that arise. This is much more convenient than pop-ups. Besides, our team is always in touch with the clients and we are always ready to answer any questions and quickly help with data entry!

Updated Client section

  • Possibility of loading and storing up to 20 documents, tables, and pictures for clients

  • Tag system

  • Uploading photos

  • Added client's birthday, comment

Minor changes

  • New feature: hide the display of employee and company ratings in the widget and on the website

  • New function: hide the address on the website and in the widget - it will be useful for those who haven`t opened a branch/department yet, or simply provide services remotely

  • Added the ability to re-queue SMS notifications to clients if there was not enough SMS on the account when sending

  • Slots in the widget now are available for 10 minutes

  • Many minor edits and fixes

In conclusion

The new functions make it much easier to keep your business structured, we managed to make them as simple as possible and at the same time more efficient. Site users will be able to understand the system much faster than other similar services. Our team has developed an intuitive interface designed to improve business and save your nerves.

The Finance section allows the owner to view all the transactions in one place. It`s much more convenient than it was before. You can also add multiple accounts (for example, a bank card, transfer, or cash) and link them to locations. Now it has become much easier to control your income and your business in general!

We are here for you!❤️

Best regards, EasyWeek team

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